German Income Tax Return in English with Lohnsteuer kompakt

Lohnsteuer kompakt jetzt auch als englische-Version

As a leading provider of tax applications in foreign languages, we have launched our most comprehensive online platform, Lohnsteuer kompakt, in English. Other foreign languages will follow. This is a further step to improve our applications in functionality and usability for our users.

In line with our highest standards, both translations and customer service are provided by native speakers. This is in stark contrast to competitors who rely primarily on machine translations e.g. with Google Translate.

Thus, now users who do not speak German (well) can complete their tax returns with award-winning Lohnsteuer kompakt. While no prior knowledge of German taxes is required, users benefit from our easy and quick to use web application. Sign up now and get an average refund in excess of 1100 Euro. 

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