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Digital data transmission - in accordance with sect. 87c of the German Fiscal Code Digital data transmission
in accordance with sect. 87c of the German Fiscal Code

Do your tax return online and save taxes

On average, our users get over 1.220 Euro back

Do your tax return online in minutes


You have done your 2023 tax return

Expected refund

1.220 €

on 15. April 2024

Do your tax return online in minutes and save taxes

On average, our users get over 1.220 Euro back


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Why Lohnsteuer kompakt is the right choice for your income tax return:


Start right away
without software installation

Whether in the office, at home or on the road: Lohnsteuer kompakt works on any computer, tablet or smartphone regardless of the platform.

Submit your
tax return easily

You can either submit your tax return online or print out the completed tax forms.

Live calculation
of your tax refund

Enter your data and see right away how this changes your tax refund.

Tax tips:
Save taxes live

After you have entered your data, Lohnsteuer kompakt will tell you how you can save even more taxes. This helps you save an additional 350 Euro on average.

Data transfer -

You can transfer specific data from previous years and import your data from ElsterFormular.

Secure communication
with the tax office

We use the highest level of security for data encryption, also for your communication with the tax office.

tax assessment checker

Prevents errors during data entry and later checks the tax assessment notice.

Trusted Shops for
even greater security

Lohnsteuer kompakt ensures the highest standards in cost transparency, customer support and data protection.

by the tax office

The tax return is transmitted via the secure ELSTER interface of the German tax authorities in accordance with sect. 87c of the German Fiscal Code.



Your tax return: 100% correct, guaranteed


Maximum tax refund with a money-back guarantee

If you use another method to get a higher refund or lower back payment on your tax return, we will refund you the price you paid at Lohnsteuer kompakt. Just report such a claim with Lohnsteuer kompakt within 60 days after submitting your tax return.

100% correct tax calculation - guaranteed

If the tax office imposes a penalty and possibly some interests on you because of a calculation error at Lohnsteuer kompakt, we will pay you both the penalty and any interests. This does not include surcharges imposed by the tax office due to deadlines that you have not met yourself.

Satisfaction guaranteed
- or you pay nothing

Satisfaction guaranteed: You can use Lohnsteuer kompakt free of charge without restrictions up to the point when you want to print or submit your tax return electronically. The printing or transmission indicates your satisfaction with Lohnsteuer kompakt so that payment is required at that time.



Your data is safe here!


Hosted in Germany

Hosted in Germany

Software hosted in Germany

  • The software and data are hosted in a high-security data center in Germany.
  • All technical and organisational measures relating to data protection comply with German data protection law (cf. sect. 9 German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG)).
  • German law applies exclusively to the hosting contract, in particular German data protection law, the German Civil Code (BGB) and the German Commercial Code (HGB).


Hosted in Germany

Made in Germany

Software Made in Germany

  • 100% Service: If you have any questions about the product, you can always contact our English-speaking Customer Support.
  • 100% Quality: The software has been developed and tested in Germany.


Trusted Shops

Trusted Shops for even greater security

  • Independent certification by Trusted Shops
  • Quality criteria such as creditworthiness, cost transparency, customer support and data protection are fully met.
  • Lohnsteuer kompakt ensures the highest standards of reliability and data protection.



Digital data transmission

  • Lohnsteuer kompakt prepares your data so that it is correctly transmitted to the tax office
  • Avoid typing errors, contradictory or missing information
  • Transmission of your tax return is in accordance with sect. 87c of the German Tax Code


Highest data security

  • All tax data is stored encrypted
  • Your data will only be transmitted to the tax office if you specify this explicitly.
  • Tax cases can be stored locally or online



Optimal encryption

  • Secure HTTPS transmission of your data (SSL certificate)
  • Strong 256-bit encryption, root certificate with 2048 bit





    It is a perfect platform for English speakers to file income tax returns. Very elaborate explanations for every entry and prompt personal responses tomehr

    Mohsin S. aus Hamburg
    20.12.2022 around 01:30


    Lohnsteuer kompakt is the best tax filing platform that I could find in the market, for English speakers. Key features include Point-by-point assistancemehr

    Mohsin S. aus Hamburg
    14.04.2022 around 16:05


    Works very well for creating the tax documentation, have been using it for 5 years

    Sarath Kumar K. aus München
    30.10.2021 around 13:51


    Easy to follow without any help.

    Siddharth S. aus München
    16.09.2021 around 16:20


    Everything on the side of SteuerGo was very straight-forward. Just fill in your details and away you go. I feel like maybe 95% of the website is in perfectmehr

    Philip B. aus Bergweiler
    31.08.2021 around 15:32


    Prompt Deal. Thank you!

    Reinhard S. aus Reinbek
    30.06.2021 around 09:06


    I am happy to complete the tax declaration for the year 2020 and that too for the first time in Germany with SteuerGo. And I got approximately the samemehr

    Pavan Kumar A. aus Bonn
    29.06.2021 around 13:54


    Very straight forward process; took out the complexities I was avoiding by submitting it myself. The tips and examples were very helpful throughout themehr

    Kenneth Dumnodi E. aus Schwieberdingen
    10.05.2021 around 05:34


    it's perfect and unparalleled perfect

    Tao W. aus Erlangen
    21.04.2021 around 15:35


    Very convenient to use!

    Vladimir P. aus Duisburg
    08.11.2020 around 14:31



ComputerBild 4/2022 - Der beste reine Online-Dienst im Test Award 2023 Award 2022 Award 2021


Prices + Functions

Fill in your tax return free of charge, pay only upon submission to the tax office

No subscription needed. Costs are fully deductible.

1 A tax return

Submit for any year


34.95 €

3 Tax returns

Submit for any years

instead of 104.85 €

89.95 €

4 Tax returns

Submit for any years

instead of 139.80 €

114.95 €

All prices incl. VAT.

Larger packages can be found in the Shop.

Test free of charge:

Start immediately without installation

You can get started without having to worry about downloading and installing software, updates and backups.

We are here to help you personally

If you have any questions about the application, our Customer Support will be happy to help you Monday - Friday from 9 am - 5 pm.

German data protection

All data is stored and transmitted securely in Germany.

Even faster thanks to the data transfer

Just transfer the desired data from the tax office or from other years.

Enter data easily and correctly

The questionnaire provides you with clear help texts and practical tips.

Live monitoring of your tax refund

The calculation is updated immediately after each entry and shows you whether it is worthwhile to file a tax return.

Simply avoid mistakes

All data is checked for correctness and completeness during the data entry process.

Personal tips for the highest refund

Your entries will be thoroughly examined and you will receive the best tips to save taxes.

Pay and complete the process:

Submit your tax return easily

You can choose to file your tax return without printing it out.

Submit the right supporting documents

We show you which documents you have to hand in and keep.

Tax assessment notice explained in an understandable way

We automatically check your tax assessment notice and help you to file an objection against errors made by the tax office.


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    Keine Probleme, es läuft optimal.
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    Ich hatte keinen Kontakt zum Finanzamt.
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